9" X 6" X 3" Yoga Block - Purple from NU-SOURCE INC.

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Our site is excited to stock this Yoga product: 9" X 6" X 3" Yoga Block - Purple.

Gift this awesome 9" X 6" X 3" Yoga Block - Purple made by NU-SOURCE INC. and listed by The Yoga Store. This well reviewed popular item is currently ready to ship - get it securely and safely through us today.

At this reduced price, NU-SOURCE INC. has included some great touches to this 9" X 6" X 3" Yoga Block - Purple

Enhance your yoga practice with our yoga blocks. These blocks will safely allow you to reach deeper into your poses, while maintaining proper form and alignment. They are the perfect modification tool for beginners to assist with their flexibility, or for more experienced yogi's to perfect challenging poses. Use them at home, or take them with you to the studio. These yoga blocks are light weight and easy to travel with and store. Made from 4LB density foam with bevelled edges for extra comfort and support. One of the best Yoga Blocks on the market, these studio quality yoga blocks are a great addition to your yoga practice. Add our 6mm 24"x72" Piloga Mats for a complete yoga experience.
Beveled edge Great support and stability Supports full body weight Lightweight Comfortable, Very High Density!!!
Save Now with our 3 inch Yoga Blocks! Our 3 inch blocks are from firm 4lb. density foam with beveled edges for extra support and stability. Our yoga blocks are lightweight, easy to use, and comfortable enough for use under your head or seat. Please combine them with Nu-Source Inc's other high quality items.

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