Hugger Mugger Silk Eye Bag- Cobalt (Herbal) by Hugger Mugger

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Our site is excited to present this Yoga product: Hugger Mugger Silk Eye Bag- Cobalt (Herbal).

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Hugger mugger is committed to developing products of performance, style and comfort. Our team strongly believes in the benefits of the practices of yoga and meditation. We feel life is a journey and yoga enriches us in many ways, making our journey one of celebration. This belief evolved into our motto: "celebrate the journey."
Cool smooth silk Zippered opening to remove content and allow for hand washing of exterior Three fillings available for eye bag: flax, herbal, or beads For Yoga, Wellness Centers, or general relaxation
Combining the smoothness of silk and gentle weight of flax seeds or plastic beads, eye bags help relieve tension around your eyes and brow. A zippered opening allows for easy cleaning.
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