Men's Yoga Short by Be Present (Black, Medium)

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This great short is made from a lightweight cotton/nylon/spandex blend that will outlast many other items in your wardrobe! The short is looser-fitting, but lined inside with a 100% Coolmax Ôbathing suitÕ liner to provide support. Coolmax is quick-drying as well as bacteria and mildew resistant. The short itself is made from a high-performance Breathe Weave fabric which wicks away sweat from the body, dries quickly, and has give to allow for movement during practice. Because of the nylon content in the fabric, this short has more of a Ôboard shortÕ feel than most other yoga shorts. Features an outside pocket on the right leg and a drawstring/elastic waist. An excellent choice for yoga, hiking, climbing, biking... these shorts can go with you anywhere! 62% Cotton / 34% Nylon / 4% Spandex. Available in black and graphite.