OPTP Original NOI Mobilization Wedge - Red by OPTP

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The Yoga Store is pleased to present this Yoga product: OPTP Original NOI Mobilization Wedge - Red.

Gift this fantastic OPTP Original NOI Mobilization Wedge - Red made by OPTP and featured by The Yoga Store. This well made popular item is currently in stock - purchase it securely and safely through us today.

At this great price, OPTP has included some great extras to this OPTP Original NOI Mobilization Wedge - Red

Featuring a compact design, OPTP's mobilization wedge is ideally suited for mobilizations of the spine and extremities.

The wedge is constructed of a firm but comfortable rubber with a 1" wide molded groove to relieve pressure on the spinous process during mobilizations. The rubber material also keeps the wedge from slipping.

Measures approximately 3.75" W x 6" L x 2" H.

It is aÊlight, yet sturdy wedge that optimizes localized active and massive mobilization of joint and neural tissue in the thoracic spine. These techniques are demonstrated in the Neurodynamic Techniques DVD and Handbook (#8314), in NOI courses and are promoted by David
The NOI Mobilization Wedge is new and improved!ÊThe size remains the same but it isÊsofter in density and therefore more comfortable for your patient.