Pookies® "Purrfect Pants" Print, Medium

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Relax and unwind in Pookies®, the best-looking, most comfortable drawstring pants you'll ever wear. Made of 100% high quality cotton, Pookies fit like no other pajamas or drawstring pants. Roomy, comfortable, YES, fit like Òclown pantsÓ NO. We took apart drawstring pants and redesigned them. With a button fly, two side pockets and our unique "pocket-in-a-pocket" for your cell phone or MP3 player, Pookies go everywhere. Perfect for early morning classes, late night dog walking duty, or just hanging out. Pookies wear them everywear and sleep in them too.
The best-looking and most comfortable drawstring pants ever made! 2 side pockets plus our unique "pocket-in-a-pocket" for your cell phone or MP3 player Unique prints, not more boring plaids and stripes Roomy, comfortable fit, YES, "clown pants" NO we've redesigned drawstring pants Machine wash cold, Tumble dry on Low