What Should You Look For In Yoga Clothing?

You've signed up for your first yoga class and you're a little nervous but really looking forward to it.  Like looking forward to the first day of classes at a new school, you want to make sure you wear the right clothes so you fit in.  So what should you look for in yoga clothing? While you may have gotten away with shorts and a t-shirt every time you've gone to the gym to work out, you will want to dress differently for a yoga class.  It's really not about looking good or trying to fit in, it's a matter of what works best.

It is important to be comfortable while practicing yoga.  If your clothes are too tight you'll be concentrating on how uncomfortable you are rather than the position you're trying to maintain correctly.  In addition, if your clothes are too tight then they will restrict your movements and not allow you to move correctly without a lot of discomfort. Your yoga clothes should also not be too loose. 



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 Baggy shirts will hike up when you bend over giving other people a view of your back or stomach, and maybe even a good look at your bra if you are inverted!  Baggy pants might allow you to move comfortably, but yoga instructors don't like them because they are not able to watch your legs to see if you are doing the poses correctly.

So what's the answer?  Invest in clothing that is form-fitting, yet not tight.  When you try it on, make sure your movements are not restricted and nothing pinches or scratches.  Some swear by cotton or other natural fibers, while others like sweat-wicking fabrics that aren't be too slippery when trying to maintain poses.  For your top half, consider getting a shirt that's specifically for yoga.  Yoga shirts have built-in bras so you don't have to mess with straps falling down or the clasp digging into your back.  They give support without constricting. For bottoms, shorts are usually not the best answer as they often require attention (resituating them so parts that should be covered are covered) and if you tend to sweat pretty heavily, your foot may slide off your leg in certain positions.  Consider capris or fitted pants that allow the instructor to see your foot and leg alignment easier.

Any yoga clothing you buy must be well made and durable.  It needs to stand up to all the stretching motions you'll be putting it through, plus all the washing and drying it will have to endure.  If you think about your yoga clothing before classes start, you won't have to think about it while you're participating in class.