2" X 6" X 20" Purple Foam Wedge from Nu-Source Inc.

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The Yoga Store is pleased to present this Yoga product: 2" X 6" X 20" Purple Foam Wedge.

Check out this fantastic 2" X 6" X 20" Purple Foam Wedge made by Nu-Source Inc. and listed by The Yoga Store. This well made popular item is currently available - buy it securely and safely through us today.

At this reduced price, Nu-Source Inc. has added some excellent quality to this 2" X 6" X 20" Purple Foam Wedge

Cleverbrand’s Yoga Wedge helps you feel grounded and maintain alignment in certain yoga poses. The slight elevation provides joint support and added comfort under hands, heels, and sit bones, especially during sitting and squatting poses and Downward Facing Dog. This high-density foam wedge is ideal for all body weights.
Dense foam and great support! Versatile allowing great flexibility Comfortable and light weight Great for YOGA, pilates, or just streching Search for Nu-Source Inc. on Amazon for all of our products
This dense foam wedge helps you to go deeper into the stretch and maintain alignment. The versatile prop can be used under your heels when squatting, under your wrists during downward dog and other poses that put excessive pressure on your joints.
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