Celestial Dreams Sleep Eye Pillow by Earth Therapeutics

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Our site is honored to present this Yoga product: Celestial Dreams Sleep Eye Pillow.

Gift this cute Celestial Dreams Sleep Eye Pillow made by Earth Therapeutics and listed by The Yoga Store. This well made yoga gear is currently ready to ship - buy it securely and safely through us today.

At this reduced price, Earth Therapeutics has added some excellent extras to this Celestial Dreams Sleep Eye Pillow

The 100% silk casing cools your eyes and caresses your skin, while the flax-seed filling provides gentle weight, helping the pillow to envelop you in velvety darkness.
100% Silk Casing Cools your eyes and caresses your skin Filled with flaxseed providing a gentle weight Valerian + Lavender
A good nights sleep is one of the keys to good health. In fact, many health experts believe that the ability to sleep restfully is just as important as diet and exercise. So let the Celestial Dreams Eye Pillow help in the quest for rest. Breathe in the relaxing, tension-relieving infusion of Valerian and Lavender to comfort and settle the mind for restful, restorative sleep. Excellent for catnaps, power-naps, or right before bedtime. Wake up refreshed and ready to go!