Creating Your Home Yoga Space

Create Your Yoga Space At Home.

 Your own yoga space is a blessing. Having a quiet reflective place to unwind after a busy day, makes life very enjoyable. To plan your yoga space, sit down for a moment with pencil and paper. Make a list of what you can do with the space you have. Obviously not everyone is going to have a very large room with floor to ceiling windows. Work with what you do have.

 Start by picking out the quietest spot available to you. Far away from the television is a good start. Also if you have pets such as a dog, are you able to have a spot where the dog won’t disturb you or scratch on the door? Look at the color of the room. Being able to paint it a relaxing color like, mint green or peach would be great. Now if painting is out of the question, perhaps you could hang a nice peaceful colored sheet on one wall. Doing your yoga poses facing this sheet will instill a sense of peace.

 Try to find a room that allows a generous amount of sunlight if possible. This is really important if you experience seasons that bring cold, snow and ice. Even on a very cold winter day, the rays of the sun shining through a window will help with a positive mood and relaxation. Green plants in one corner will also improve the quality of the room. Consider building a small rock garden or crystal collection in one corner of the room. Having natural elements within your house, centers your mind as you meditate.

 Take a look at your space now. The ideal space will have hardwood floors rather than carpet. You can place your yoga mat on the hardwood floors and use some yoga blocks as well.

 It’s time to set the tone. Make sure that you have relaxing music to listen to during your yoga session. One very popular type of music, is ocean waves crashing on the shore. Each wave resembles a heartbeat, slowed down. What you hear during your yoga session is important and so is what you smell. A scent of cooking food wafting up from the kitchen, can disrupt your thoughts. This is your chance to light up a beautiful scented candle. Some people prefer to burn some incense. The smell is wonderful and watching the thin trail of smoke rise off the incense stick is very calming to the mind. There are a wide variety of incense holders that can be purchased. Choose one that uplifts your mood when you gaze upon it.

 You want the temperature to warm and cozy, rather than too cool. This helps with muscle relaxation. Now if the outdoor temperature is warm with a breeze, by all means open the window as long as there is limited noise from traffic or people.

 Your final thoughts should be what to wear during your home yoga session. You can go with cut off jean shorts and a t-shirt, however give thought to how motivated you will be. Consider someone who is doing their own home based business. Studies have shown that many people, who dress professionally before entering their home office, perform much better. There is a way range of yoga apparel to choose from. Comfortable fitting shorts or stretch pants that allow freedom of movement are a great choice. The tops can be without sleeves, leaving the arms unrestricted during movement. The best choice for you, is the outfit that motivates you to succeed in yoga studies.

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