Mat Cleaning

Essential Cleaning and Maintenance Ideas For Your Yoga Mat.

 Yoga is a very enjoyable experience. In order to keep it that way, it is a good idea to understand the proper cleaning and maintenance of your mat. When you visit a yoga studio, it is a must to provide your own yoga mat. A vast majority of dermatologists state that they have seen significant infections, rising from people who practice yoga while using public mats. In order to avoid contracting plantar warts or something more serious such as a staph infection, make sure to purchase a good quality yoga mat.

 Yoga poses need regular practice. Therefore a quality mat that has a long lasting life is preferred. An inferior mat will wear out within a year. Pick a good mat with a high density, rather than buying a mat that feels “cushy and soft on the knees.” Check your mat when you open it up for the first time. Look to see if there is a thin slippery film on it. Even a high quality mat like the Manduka black mat, may have a bit of film when first used. You will need to clean this off before the first use. Failure to do so, may result in you losing grip and possibly sliding on the mat.


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There are a number of different styles in yoga. Hot yoga is very popular at the moment. With any style of yoga, you will perspire and leave oils on your mat. After completing your yoga session, wipe the mat down with a nice eco-friendly cleaner. Then give the mat a quick spray with a tea tree oil. Aroma scents can also be used. Many people find that using a lavender spray really completes their yoga journey. Remember that your bare skin will be touching the mat frequently. Using the eco-friendly cleaners will ensure that your face is not subjected to a harsh chemical, causing skin issues. Eco-friendly cleaners will also promote longer mat life more so than using a harsh chemical such as some people use in cleaning their showers and tubs.

 To keep your mat clean and free of bacteria, it is a good idea to “deep clean” it after using it approximately five to ten times. There are a number of ways to do this. Immersing it in your bathtub is a great idea. Use a mild soap and a sponge to clean the surface and get rid of any spots. After cleaning your mat, do not squeeze it out or hand wring it. This may cause your mat to lose shape. Hanging your mat outdoors in the sun and fresh air may sound wonderful, however direct heat of any kind is not good for your mat. Instead, take your yoga mat and roll it up in a dry towel. This will soak up the moisture and then you should hang the mat to air dry. You can air dry outdoors, however it is recommended that the mat is not placed in direct sunlight.

Yoga requires a few basic elements to get started. Your first step is seeking out a good quality yoga mat that will assist in your performance.