The Secrets of Yoga For Men

There are a lot of men who want to try yoga, yet they have put it off. Typically it’s due to two reasons. Yoga can be perceived as mainly something women do or the male has normally been involved in group activity such as soccer and hockey. As a male, you may need to shift your thinking a bit. Now if you crave group activity then you will need to join a yoga studio and be in the mix. This will be your new team and you can support each other in common goals. You may find that you are losing flexibility and this is affecting the sports that you are currently involved in. As well, you see the need for overall fitness and a healthy life style and body.

Some men experience a little bit of frustration when first starting a yoga journey. Over the years, you have been taught that strength from slamming iron weights is more important than flexibility. Now that you have started yoga, you find it not as easy as you imagined. Stick with it. Yoga is a long term commitment. Many people do yoga while in their 80’s and you would be hard pressed to find a lot of hockey teams with people that age.



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Start looking at all the benefits and you may find your mindset shifting. When your body is more flexible, it is more resistant to injury. Your hockey or even martial arts practice would improve if your muscles and tendons become more elastic. You would be able to bend much further without injury…which is very important in any type of martial art.

Being more flexible can certainly enhance your sexual experience. As well, certain yoga poses can stimulate the reproductive organs. The eagle pose does this and also works on the kidneys and lymph system at the same time.To do the eagle pose stand straight and then take your right leg and wrap it over the left knee, placing the right foot behind the calve muscle. Bend slightly at the knee and then take the left arm and wrap it around the right arm in front of your body. Your hands will end up being clasped together. Hold the position for 20 to 30 seconds while breathing deeply. Now switch legs and repeat the entire process. You may find balance a bit difficult to achieve at first but keep practicing.


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