Silk Eye Bags

Silk Eye Pillows And Fragrance.

 Eye strain and stress is all too common these days. With all the reading that you do, whether it’s a physical book or a smartphone…your eyes are overstressed. Silk eye pillows are a wonderful way to address these issues. Blocking out all light will allow your eyes to relax. Some people find the black eye covers with head strap, to be uncomfortable. Plus those types of eye covers only block out light; they do not assist in relaxing the physical eye.

 Silk eye pillows have a small weight to them. Typically they have flax seed or linseed enclosed. They could also have dried lavender as a second filling, which adds a wonderful scent. The weight of the filling presses gently down on the eyes, causing them to move inwards and relax.


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With a silk eye pillow resting gently over your eyes, the vagus nerve is stimulated. This nerve is also called the wandering nerve, because it starts at your brain stem and works its way down to the organs in your chest and stomach. When the vagus nerve is stimulated, your breathing naturally slows down. Your entire body begins to relax and heal. From this, you will feel rejuvenation throughout your whole body.

 One pose that is perfect while using the silk eye pillow, is called Savasana or the Corpse Pose. This pose when completed, reduces stress. Adding a silk eye pillow with a scent, will lull you into a deep and peaceful meditation.

 Aromatherapy, assists in calming the mind. Stress and tension melt away. While using a silk eye pillow, there are a number of scents to choose from and each one has its benefits. Lavender is probably the top choice. It has been known to help with mild depression. Do you have sinus problems, which make yoga breathing difficult? Try using a silk eye pillow with peppermint. It is a natural decongestant which will soon have you breathing easier. Other popular aroma’s to use in your silk eye pillow are chamomile or orange.

 Here is a nice way to treat your tired puffy eyes. Put your silk eye pillow in a sealed plastic bag. Pop it in the fridge or freezer about an hour before you go into corpse pose. Place the silk bag over your eyes and feel the cooling sensation as you begin to slow your breathing and de-stress.

 Silk eye pillows can be used in other ways during your yoga journey. Some people find it very comforting to place the bag over their heart while prone on the yoga mat. Try holding the bag with both hands and focusing on the individual beat of the heart while deep breathing. Notice how this brings about a very deep relaxation. The aroma from the silk eye pillow fills your nostrils with each breath and you enter a peaceful state.