The OM Sound

The OM of Being a Corpse

 You have heard it before. Perhaps you even stifled a laugh. It’s that OM sound. Maybe you saw a movie where a serious Yogi sat cross legged and let out a vibrating OM sound that echoed on and on. Well the OM sound works wonders and using it with this interesting pose... “the corpse,” you are going to find it very relaxing. Now if you live in a cold climate with snow, you may have done something similar as a child, called making snow angels. Only in this pose once you set your arms and legs there won’t be any flapping of limbs.

 The corpse pose is so named because you will be lying on your back with limbs slightly extended, looking for all intents and purposes, as if you may have passed on. Pull out your yoga mat and then lay down flat as if you were going to sleep. Position your legs so that your feet are about two and half feet apart. Take your arms and move them out from your body so that your hands are also about two and half feet away from your body. Your hands should be facing upwards, palms to the sky. Close your eyes and totally relax your body. Next, starting at your toes, give them a wiggle. Rotate the ankles slightly to release any pressure. Focus your attention on your legs and thighs. Feeling any tightness in that area? Tense and release them slightly to let go of any pressure or tightness. Work your way up your body. Is your chest and rib area completely stress free? If not, breathe in and out and let it go loose. Take notice of your shoulders. Are they tight? As you sense areas that are tight or sore, verbally tell them to relax. Tell any chronic sore spots to relax and be like all the rest of your muscles. Your body will respond if you ask it to.

After you have worked your way from your toes to the top of your head, it is now time to work on your breathing. Take a deep breathe in, hold and release. As any negative thoughts begin to creep into your mind, simply say, "stop or cancel.” You are the director of your mind and you need to give your thoughts the directions that help and assist you. Many times people work themselves in a depression by saying and thinking repetitive negative thoughts. Be conscious of how you talk to yourself and stop negative self talk as it begins.

 Now take a deep breathe from the diaphragm. Hold this breathe for a three count and then release it. As you release this breathe, say OM as loud as you can. Not sure about the OM sound? On the O portion your mouth is open and as you head into the M portion, your mouth closes and the M portion vibrates in your closed lips. Let it go on, until all your breath is released through the nose as you vibrate the OM. You should feel a slight tingling in your body as the vibration of OM works its way through. Really focus on saying OM and take note of the positive feeling that starts to resonate throughout. As you breathe and chant the OM, begin to focus on all that you are thankful for in your life. Thankful for being alive, having food to eat and family to support and love you.

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