Yoga and Energy

Quick and Easy Energy With Yoga

 Do you wake up in the morning and wonder where you are? Then stumble to the bathroom to splash water on your face in order to come alive enough to get the coffee going? Try starting your day with yoga energy poses the moment your feet hit the floor. One of the reasons that you may be so foggy in the morning is mild to severe sleep apnea. Of course if you snore like a freight train, you may want to Google sleep apnea and then be tested. When sleeping at night, the average person does not breathe on a regular basis. Even with mild sleep apnea you may stop breathing for 5 seconds and then restart. This is very hard on your brain and especially your heart.

You need to get maximum oxygen flowing again. So head to your yoga mat and start with the downward dog pose. In the downward dog, you begin by getting onto your hands and knees. From here, you lift your tailbone up, so that your knees come off the floor. Next, lower your shoulders and head to the floor while still keeping a bend in your knees. Place your heels flat on the floor. At this point you should have your arms outstretched and your head is lowered but not touching the floor. To complete this pose, straighten your legs and begin proper breathing. This pose is great because it stretches your whole body at the same time. Picture yourself as a large jungle cat while you are doing this power pose. The downward dog starts by reducing your muscle tension and then sends more blood to your brain. When you are laying down, standing or sitting, the blood flow to your brain is reduced. To illustrate this, imagine that you have cut your finger and a first aid responder asks to help. One of the first things the person aiding you will do, is to have you elevate your arm and hand above your shoulder to reduce blood flow.

When the blood flows to your brain during yoga, you will experience a surge of energy as this life giving force, feeds your brain.

The downward facing tree pose, also known as the hand stand, builds on the idea of sending blood to the brain. Beginners should find a sturdy wall and preferably a friend or family member to assist in the first attempts. Unlike a mixed martial artist who would use this move to build shoulder strength, you want to avoid extending your arms fully and then moving into the pose. You may not be able to support your body weight and can damage your neck by dropping down on your head. Instead, use a folded towel or thin pillow to rest your head on. Position yourself about six inches from the wall, with your arms crossed and flat on the floor. Resting the back of your head against your arms, kick up against the wall. Your partner will grab your legs and help to bring you up against the wall and then adjust so that you are straight. Immediately you will feel a rush of blood to your head. Relax and breathe deeply and evenly. Hold the position for one to two minutes and then roll down with assistance of your partner.

The sitting spinal twist is another great pose for energy. It also has other benefits such as stretching your spine, getting rid of backaches and reducing pain in the hips.

On your yoga mat, sit with your legs straight out in front. Take your left leg and bend it towards your chest before placing it over your right leg. The heel/side of your left foot should now rest beside the outside of your right knee. Turn slightly to the left and then place your right elbow on the outside of your left knee. Your right elbow is going to be used to apply pressure to your left leg, while you continue to stretch your upper body to the left. Hold the position where comfortable and feel the stretch. You then repeat this pose on the opposite side.

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