Yoga and Weight Loss

How To Lose Weight While Doing Yoga
Weight loss with yoga doesn’t happen overnight. You have to combine proper eating and eliminating sugar from your diet as an example. Eat foods like fruit only for breakfast, as fruit is processed quickly in the intestines and sends glucose to your brain. An alternative is drinking the freshly squeezed juices of your favorite fruit and perhaps adding a touch of honey.

Typically weight gain comes from your life being out of balance. You may be experiencing stress at home or work. This can cause you to skip breakfast or overeat using a stack of pancakes as an example of a poor breakfast choice. Do you always
rush out the door and hit the local coffee shop for a fix of coffee and donuts? The words, “comfort foods,” should scare you. In many cases the person indulges in a comfort food because they feel the need to be soothed. Their nerves are raw and their emotions are out of whack. Instead of doing deep breathing, they reach for the fried chicken. Doing daily yoga exercises and staying away from the store bought cakes and fatty milk, will aid in weight loss.
An overweight person does not eliminate body waste effectively. Toxins remain in the body. Organs responsible for releasing toxins have to work harder to release. Organs like the liver and the kidneys tend to take a lot of abuse. The effect of toxins combined with alcohol for example are a double shot of pain for those organs-causing them to work harder and in some cases, suffer damage.
Weight loss is aided by drinking water. Yes, green vegetables and fruit contain large quantities of water; however you need good quality water to help with body waste elimination. As well, a person loses a great deal of water per day doing regular things like working or playing. Now if you are involved in yoga, you have to remember that although it is not like weightlifting, you are still going to sweat. This means you need to replace the water you are losing to keep your body functioning properly.
In your yoga practice you can do physical things to help detoxify and lose weight. Yoga twists are excellent in for aiding with detoxification. Self massage is wonderful for releasing sore points in the body. While doing self massage a yoga student can assist the body in releasing toxins.
Another method to help with weight loss is practicing fire stomach cleansing. This yoga movement is done by churning or rotating the stomach muscles. Stand straight and then lower into a slight squat. Have the legs about one foot apart, and then exhale fully. Hold the breathe. Try to rotate the stomach muscles by moving them in a circular motion. Release the breathe. Relax and breathe in and out. Now repeat the exercise. This movement will take a bit of practice and you will need to focus all your attention on the muscles of your stomach.
Do you know anyone who suffers from a eating disorder? Anyone with anorexia or bulimia has what is called a stuck state. We have many states some of which assist us and others which help to defeat us. Depression and anxiety are examples of stuck states which you may be quite familiar with. Yoga helps to release stuck states and many practitioners note that when doing certain poses, they feel a release and begin to cry gentle tears. There is nothing wrong with this. It is your mind and body working together to tell you that you are in the healing process. When a person becomes unstuck in regards to their poor eating habits, the weight loss will begin.

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