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Here you will find our latest articles or blog posts about Yoga. We don't just concentrate on selling things here. We really want you to find the Yoga stuff you are looking for even if it is only information you are seeking. This first article is a good place to start, but scroll down for even more great articles.

Is Yoga Good For Kids? - One way kids are learning to cope is through yoga.  As a parent you might question whether yoga is really good for kids.  If you've not been exposed to more

Yoga Pain Management - A better way to manage arthritis or any chronic pain is to exercise the areas of the body that are not currently inflamed or more

The OM sound explained -  You have heard it before. Perhaps you even stifled a laugh. It’s that OM sound. Maybe you saw a movie where a serious more

What props do I need for Yoga? -  There are basic things you are going to need to get started. You should first buy at least one yoga outfit to more

Creating Your Home Yoga Space - Your own yoga space is a blessing. Having a quiet reflective place to unwind after a busy day, makes life very enjoyable. To plan your yoga space, sit down for a more

Yoga Breathing Tips To Calm Down - One of the most important aspects of yoga, is the ability to calm yourself down. In this tension filled world, we tend to get stressed more

How To Lose Weight While Doing Yoga - Typically weight gain comes from your life being out of balance. You may be experiencing stress at home or work. This can cause you to skip more

Quick and Easy Energy With Yoga - Try starting your day with yoga energy poses the moment your feet hit the floor. One of the reasons that you may be so foggy in the morning is mild to severe sleep more

What in the world is yoga? - It’s safe to say that the average person has heard of yoga. However there are a number of misconceptions about its place in the world. To start with, yoga is not a more