Yoga Books and Video

Why Purchase a Yoga Book or DVD?

Practicing yoga is meant to provide physical and mental peace. Many diseases and abnormalities can be addressed by yoga. There are many poses in yoga, each concerned with some part or parts of the body. Practicing yoga is like providing routine servicing for our physical and mental health. This servicing can make us more flexible and resistant to disease and injury.

 High blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, pain, arthritis, respiratory problems and many more ailments can be helped through yoga. It also helps in controlling obesity. Controlling obesity may indirectly prevent many other health issues. Yoga also assists in controlling emotions and increases concentration. The benefits of yoga are so diverse and numerous that a simple article or introduction won’t suffice.


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It is good for everyone to know about and be aware of the importance of yoga. One of the best ways to get information about yoga is through books written on yoga or DVD instruction videos.

There are plenty of books which provide a wealth of information on yoga. Most books will begin with a comprehensive section on the benefits of yoga, since people will want to know that, or use that as motivation, before truly committing to it. The core of any yoga book or DVD will come in the sections devoted to individual poses. 

Yoga is primarily made up of different poses. Each yoga pose is responsible for the proper functioning and maintenance of different parts or areas of the body. A good yoga book will detail each pose and what the pose should accomplish for health and wellness. Yoga books almost always contain pictures of these poses and explain how to set up for them. A great yoga book helps people learn about poses and execute them in a safe way. There are many yoga poses, and every pose is not suited to every student or body type.

There are specific poses that may benefit women who are pregnant, asthma sufferers, obese students, or elderly practitioners and poses that should be avoided by those groups. A good yoga book will cover those and describe the different poses so the readers can choose poses according to their physical nature and specific needs.

Yoga also includes meditation and practices meant to provide mental peace. There are a variety of types of meditations also and a yoga book will surely cover some of the most popular practices. A good yoga book or DVD is an inexpensive and worthwhile investment in your yoga studies.