Yoga Breathing Tips

Yoga Breathing Tips To Calm Down

One of the most important aspects of yoga, is the ability to calm yourself down. In this tension filled world, we tend to get stressed out.

The most simple method to use is one nostril breathing. In a quiet comfortable place, sit in a relaxing pose or simply in a comfortable chair. Take your right index finger and close off your right nostril. Breathe deeply and evenly through the left nostril. Repeat on the other side. Your nervous system will quickly begin to calm down. You should also notice any negative thoughts will begin to dissipate and you will see your issue in a new positive way.

Our next method is breath retention. You will be holding your breath for specific counts. yoga classBegin by inhaling and hold at the end of the inhale for a count of one. Now exhale. Next inhale; hold the breathe at the end for a count of two. Exhale. Repeat this strategic breathing by increasing the holds all the way up to a count of five. To finish off the exercise, do the breathing in reverse. Inhale in and hold for a five count, then exhale. Repeat all the way down to a count of one.

Our next breathing sequence is called, “deep Ujayi breathing.” This technique requires not only breathing but intent focus, which helps to redirect your mind from problems. With Ujayi breathing you will need to narrow your throat slightly by tightening the muscles. Inhale through your constricted throat and you should notice the air flow has a slight resistance. Exhale deeply in the same way. You will notice the sound. Focus on it and ask what peaceful sound it reminds you of? Is it the rhythmic sounds of ocean waves going in and out? By doing this breathing you will notice how all stress and cares melt away and you can move on with a peaceful day.

Are you feeling upset, hot and bothered? Perhaps it is time to cool down. You can use the "cooling breath" for this. Start out by slightly parting your lips. Next you need to curl your tongue so that it touches the roof of your mouth. When you begin to breathe in slowly, you will notice how the incoming air feels cool like an winter breeze. Now just hold that breathe for a moment and then let it out through your nose. Repeat it while visualizing snow flakes falling on your nose. Combining breathing with calming scenes in your mind, works to relax you quicker and it is fun.

Now it is time to talk about calming down when you are having an anxiety attack. Even the name of this should get you on the road to chilling out. It is called Bhramari or Bee Breath. Make sure to clear your nose first and also keep a tissue handy just in case. Start by taking your right hand and use the thumb to completely close the right nostril. You now inhale deeply through the left nostril until your lungs are full. Close off the left nostril and hold this breathe for a count of five. Reopen the left nostril and slowly exhale. You are going to use your throat to make a very soft "eeeeeee" sound while breathing out. It should sound like the buzzing of one bee hovering over a beautiful flower. Your anxiety will melt like snow under a hot sun.

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