Yoga Pain Management

How To Stop Those Nagging Complaints Using Yoga

 There are many nagging chronic complaints, like arthritis and fibromyalgia. People with arthritis tend to get more pain due to stopping exercise altogether. This in turn makes the condition worse. A better way to manage arthritis or any chronic pain is to exercise the areas of the body that are not currently inflamed or hurting. Also relaxation in yoga can help to ease any pain. When you are calm and centered, you should find that your body hurts less.

 Sleep is difficult for some people. They may be in pain or in the phase of aging where sleep becomes more difficult and waking up frequently becomes normal. Going into a meditation pose before sleep will lull the mind and restore a sense of calm. As a person goes into deep meditation, they can focus on sore spots or tight areas and command them to ease and relax.

 Throughout the day, many people feel tired or generally fatigued on a regular basis. There may be many reasons for this, such as lack of sleep, stress or poor diet. To energize start a daily habit of going to a quiet spot, even if it’s only for five to ten minutes. Begin a series of deep breathing. This will clear the mind and send a flow of energy. Depending on your work area, you may be able to engage in a few yoga back bend poses to unwind.

Do you have enough room to lay flat on your stomach? Well then you can do the cobra pose. Laying flat on your stomach, place your legs together with your feet touching. Place your hands on the floor on either side of your chest, with your face resting comfortably on the carpet or mat. Inhale deeply and start lifting your head, followed by your chest and shoulders. You will use your hands to gently push your head and upper torso off the floor while your hips remain pressed against the floor. Hold the position and look upward while breathing. Like a cobra, open your mouth and stick out your tongue. Open wide and breathe in and out deeply. You should have felt a nice stretch especially in your lower back and the cobra face will have relaxed all the muscles in your face.

 Do you know anyone who gets frequent headaches? Quite often doctors find it difficult to pinpoint the source of constant headaches. It could be poor posture or stress. When a headache starts to occur, try gently rotating your head and neck. You will hear some cracking and popping which is normal. Do not force anything and if an area feels totally locked up, consult a doctor. Next, you can kick off your shoes and start rotating your toes. Your feet and toes are totally connected to what is going on in the spinal and neck area.

 Inversion poses are great for headaches and of course there are other benefits. A simple to do inversion pose, is the shoulder stand. Here, you lay flat on the floor and begin by bringing your legs and hips up into the air. Tighten up the stomach muscles to help in lifting up the legs. You don’t want to just throw your legs up; you want controlled movement. As you are moving your legs and hips up, place your hands under your hips to help push your lower body up into the air. As you begin straightening your legs straight up in the air, start shifting your hands downward from your hips to the kidney area. Now you have great support and your shoulders should be flat against the floor with your legs straight above you and hands against the kidneys to hold the position. Keep your head and neck straight and breathe deeply and evenly. Do not allow your legs to continue moving so that you accidentally go into the plough pose, which means your hips are directly over your face. The plough pose can put pressure on your neck and you need an instructor or friend to watch over you to make sure that no injury occurs.

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