Yoga Towels

Yoga Towels-Use Them Separately Or With A Mat?

You may enter a yoga studio and see people using a large beach towel instead of a proper yoga towel. This can be a problem when the beach towel is placed over the yoga mat. A large percentage of yoga teachers, use the edge of a student’s yoga mat as a reference point. Using a beach towel, may cause a student to over-extend and possibly injure themselves. The best idea is to buy a yoga towel that is the same size as your yoga mat.

A yoga towel has two main purposes. All styles of yoga will cause you to sweat. Hot yoga will really have the perspiration pouring off your body. A great yoga towel will absorb that sweat. With just a yoga mat, you may find the surface becoming slippery. Another great function of the yoga towel, is extra cushioning. This is very helpful if you have painful joints or perhaps a touch of bursitis in your hip area.


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When planning on using a yoga towel…placed over your yoga mat, the main idea is to find a towel that is the same dimensions as your mat. You may also consider buying a special towel that has very small grips on one side. This makes the towel cling to the mat and it is less likely to slide off while you are extending during a pose.

Yoga towels are usually made from a polyester material or even a nice microfiber. Either one will soak up sweat more completely than a cotton towel. You will need to take care in cleaning your towel. A hand wash in cold water will keep your towel looking good. It is possible for yoga towels to bleed color, when placed in a washing machine. So give this some consideration before you do the first cleaning.

Think about your needs. Do you need a yoga towel or a yoga mat? A lot will depend on your lifestyle. People who travel a lot, may find carting a yoga mat around, fairly difficult. A yoga towel is very light and easy to pack up. Also if you walk a distance to your yoga class, a light yoga towel may be more appropriate. The yoga towel is very versatile. Yes it is used for your yoga practice; however it can be used in other forms of exercise. Have an off day from yoga and hitting a spin class? Your yoga towel is much more absorbent than a regular towel. You can roll it up and place it in a small gym bag nearby. It’s perfect for drying off your face and arms as you get into shape. Your yoga towel is also a great choice for floor exercises while at the gym. Stretching is very important for your body. Go ahead place your yoga towel on the gym floor to provide some cushion while you sit in position to do something like a hurdler stretch.

Yoga towels are also very fashionable. You may spend good money on great workout gear and a colorful yoga towel can compliment your style.